First post (Kinda short)

Hello everyone, I would like to start off  by saying i’m happy to be here and will be posting all my poetry , photos and new art projects here  .  

Okay, with that said i’m gonna just jump right in and starting telling you about my latest art project that I ‘m absolutely excited about .  I have loved  the craftsmanship in Blythe dolls for over three years and have decided that I’m going to take a crack at customizing one . I know It will be a challenge but i’m ready to take it on .  

In the last few weeks I’ve been pouring over different doll themes and have decided to go with a little girl who wants to stay up all night and play theme .  So far I have bought the night gown she will be wearing  .

The nightgown is handmade by Scandinavian Doll .


I have  been on eBay and Etsy  looking for the actually  doll to customize and  have had the hardest time deciding on which doll to pick.

I found this one below  on Etsy at a store called NinaBella9 – fell in love with her because of the shape of her eyes,  but she has already been customized .                                       


Hopefully I’ll have better luck in the next coming weeks and will find the perfect doll to customize .  Till then –



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