About me is a

Matter of perception 
The rain and dark and gloom always gives me inspiration to write.draw   .whatever.
           I guess things are whatever you want them to be.
           I am a madwoman 
           I am whatever you want me to be
           I am a tourist. maybe a florist. out of the forest,looking for the 
           latest trend
           I am a raindrop 
           I am a truck stop
           I am that padlock , just waiting to be pried open..
           I’ve become that rainstorm ..The one you were warned for return
           I am the master , Lock and key ..The one who has returned with a 
           message for thee 
            I am god – I am a fraud 
            I AM YOU !
            I am whatever you want me to be
            I am a lie 
            A whisper and a cry
            I am the morning star in the sky 
            I am a mountain, a boulder and a shoulder to cry on
            I am a pilgrim 
            A grim reaper without the reap , only the sow
            I am the walker 
            I am a stalker 😉  with that quick draw shot that ended up shooting 
             herself in the foot ..so now I walk with a limp ..A Time Square Pimp
            I am the woman who doesn’t mind screaming out loud
            I am she – so are we – if we only we believe to be
            I am me 
All work ©  creative dabbler 2012, All rights reserved.

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